Chairman Message

Shri Uday Kumar Bishnoi (Chairman)

I thank the Almighty and all my friends who have given me the inner strength to embark on a mission of imparting professional education in rural and backword areas of Bareilly. I fully understand the difficulties of imparting education in rural areas given the infrastructure available, lack of paying capacity of the prospective students and reluctance on part of both the teaching faculty as well as the students to study at the college. We have faced lot of financial difficulties in the recent passed and I have with the support of my friends have made the best effort to support the basic financial needs of the College. It is indeed heartening that we have regularly churned out 100 to 200 students from our College who have done well outside. In the recent apst primarily due to Corona and my absence from the active duties of the College on account of my age, the College has one through difficult times lending to lot of misgivings some deliberately induced and some perception based leading to a minor downfall in the College standings but I am sure that in the times to come and with the joining of our new CEO who has vast experience as a uniformed officer and has outstanding educational qualifications , the things are bound to improve specially with the launch of Mission Uniform which will bring a new life and help in regaining our position in the education fraternity. I wish Brig V K Singh VSM (Retd) all the very best in his stint as the College CEO and pray to the Almighty that the college will achieve new heights in near future under his able guidance, hard work and supervision. Jai Hind