C.E.O. Message


I feel privileged and honoured for haven being given the opportunity of heading the prestigious Srajan Institute of Management and Technology. I have already put I a lot of work on the campus and had been successful in giving it a professional, sporty and an Army look which is synonymous with well-defined and well maintained spaces, a healthy and neat living environment, a balanced lifestyle and the most important aspect of building up the values and the nationalistic streak in my students.

I have put n 37 years of Service in Indian Army and strongly feel that it is the best organisation today which universally commands high respect from all walks of the society and symbolises honesty, high moral values, discipline, honesty, integrity and whatever else you can dream of in a good human being. Therefore, I had come up with the concept of Mission Uniform where I will be trying to make my BBA and MBA students to actively compete for the uniformed vacancies while following their professional degree courses with the full zeal with an aim to get a decent placement. I am sure that with me as a senior uniformed officer in command of the operations, the students will believe and support me in the good cause and actively follow their career prospects with the aim of being successful. I will ensure to maintain a healthy and playful teaching environment where the students will play, enjoy and study together in the very well thought of specially designed facilities for them seeing is believing, therefore must visit me and the campus to help you to take a decision.

Please don’t have any inhibitions or doubts. Talk to me to clear them. I make it very clear that he MBA, BBA and B. Com. Courses are available as before with the same admission criteria with an option to add the NDA/CDS/AFCAT/CAPF preparatory course to it. Mind it Hostel facility is available for all who want it and I will recommend the same sine Hostel living will give me more concentrated access to you which will enable me to transfer all my good values, etiquettes, humanity, humility and the confidence in you.

I will be your father figure, your Guardian, your Mentor and your shock absorber throughout your stay with me and thereafter also . I will eat with you, play with you, study with you, share your happiness on your success and wipe away all the sadness in case of any momentary failures. Mind it when you give me your responsibility then failure cease to be an option.