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As described under the MBA & CDS heads, the MBA course is one of the few courses which offers students assure job opportunity after the course. And it is also a foundation course for specialization through MBA. In this particular composite package offered by combining MBA along with preparation for CDS competitive examinations gives the students a once in a life time opportunity. Not only to become a management professionals but also attempt to become an officer green uniform by way of concerted efforts inside the same SRAJAN campus by specialized faculties in this field.

This unique combination which may be one of its kind in this reason which ensures that a Graduate student aspiring to be in uniform gets the complete preparation inside the campus which is SRAJAN Institute of Management and Technology. Where is studies for his competitive examination concurrently along with his MBA study in a sprawling green campus comprising of excellent outdoor and indoor sports facilities as well as a thought provoking common room, a well equipped library and an officer like dining space. Therefore, such a combination offers the student a holistic approach towards character and career buildup including a complete personality boosting of a healthy body and a robust and confident mind set.

A student who is fully confused between his choice of uniform and joining a degree course may land up in a crumbed up coaching academies with steamily poor infrastructure facilities available and may pay anywhere between 1 to 1.5 lakhs for preparation of one CDS cycle. In the composite package MBA clubbed with CDS under the banner of Mission Uniform, SRAJAN Institute of Management and Technology addresses all the concerns of the student by offering a professional MBA course along with preparation for two CDS examinations along with the SSB interview in the same campus at the much lower prices with far superior infrastructure, education and entertainment facilities for the students. Therefore, even if he fails to qualify in the CDS examination, he graduates into a well qualified, competent and smart management professionals ready to compete any job in the market.