Srajan Institute is an elite management institution having made its place in the education circles of Bareilly thruogh the sheer grit and determination of its management and the staff who has stood with the college through all its thick and thins. The institution has evolved over the past decade as an ideal destination for students who want to pursue and excel in management studies. Srajan is one of the few who have retained its identity as a pure management institute specialising in imparting quality education in all the branches of management. The main aim of Srajan Institute is to make professionals with mature and confident personalities who can not only prove themselves in the competitive world but excel in their respective fields. The management focus is to holistically develop the personality of the student to include his physical fitness through a planned sports regime along with his spoken & written communication skills in English and his mental toughness. Recently the institute has commissioned its newly made football field, the basket ball and volley ball courts. The physical training area which is a well planned as obstacle course on the lines of what is found in Army units gives the students a unique experience of challenging themselves for achieving better results in their timings and successful attempts.

The college is doing a yeoman service to the rural suburb of Bareilly and fulfilling the vision of its founders and forefathers of offering quality education to the remote areas of Bareilly at an affordable cost. The long term vision of the College is to become the leader of Management Education in the region and ensure good placements for its students.

The College has turned a new leaf towards appointing its new CEO Brig V K Singh, VSM (Retd) who has recently taken over the reins of the college post his retirement in Jul 2021. The College has also launched a new concept of Carrier Oriented education by offering dedicated expert teams for preparation for competitive exams for uniformed forces which will go hand in hand with the professional Degrees of BBA, B.Com and MBA. This unique initiative will not only be guided and proactively monitored by our highly decorated CEO but also will result in making our students more competitive right in their formative years and focussing their energies in the right direction. Imbuing values in them and practicing Character with Carrier dictum, the effort will be promote national integrity and patriotism in our students which are the basic cornerstones of the Armed Forces. Giving them and training them on similar lines as Service Officers a prat of Mission Uniform, the College will lead a change in the line of thinking of the education fraternity to do more than just the routine practiced till now.

Therefore, Srajan will stand out as the leader of change of the outlook of imparting professional education and will lead by example under its dynamic CEO.

As of now Srajan is offering three courses MBA, BBA and B.Com. The MBA has 120 seats with specialisation offered in practically all the disciplines. The faculty is dedicated to imparting the best education in all the streams and with the CEO Brig VK Singh, VSM(Retd) personally taking the lead in teaching as a faculty being Masters in Management Studies from Osmania University and Higher Defence Management Course from College of Defence Management, the quality and job orientation of the teaching has to be extraordinary and much above the standards of other similar Institutions.

On similar line the BBA course and B. Com courses has 80 Seats each and are given full emphasis by the college administration specially the CEO since these are the foundation courses for MBA course. The effort is to teach the students so well and develop their personalities alongside so that they can be leaders in their fields and find good acceptability for employment purposes. The major difference between Srajan and other institutes is that there is complete focus on Management courses and we don’t believe in shifting goal posts by dropping and changing courses and having all diverse courses like pharma , B.Ed, B.Tech,BCA, LAW etc. which gives an impression that the main focus is on making profits and they are jack of all and master of none.

The other advantage of Srajan is that we have started campus based competitive preparation concurrently which is for Defence Courses as of now and will expand to include other similar exams in future. Therefore, the whole purpose of granting higher education to the students is to make them fully ready for a job immediately after the completion of the course and to bring a sensitivity and importance in the education field.


Our long term vision is to strengthen the management programmes by way of delivering consistent quality and quantity education in order to ensure that Srajanites are picked up for the best jobs by Industries.


Our mission is to rerive the management education as a premium course in Bareilly region by focusing only on courses related to management and not diversifying towards un-related low end courses.

Our mission is also to develop the character, values and overall personality of the students as well as impart professional teaching for various competitive exams like NDA, CDS, AFCAT, CAPF, Merchant Navy etc. in order to give a good career option also.


Shri Uday Kumar Bishnoi

Our distinguished Chairman Shri Uday Kumar Bishnoi is a maverick personality who has lived a very eventful life with contribution in all fields of the society. A highly successful criminal lawyer of western U.P, our Chairman was known as a wizard of .cross examination and winning cases in record short times on the basis of highly astute and technically sound arguments. In his home District in Bijnor he used to organise Annual Hockey tournaments on a larger scale with teams from all over the state used to participate vying for large sums of prize money. He was himself an avid ace Hockey player having even represented his club and toured Pakistan after Independence.
A testimony of his class clearly reflects in the success of his children in terms of their education qualifications. His son Shri Sandeep Bishnoi has studied in Scindia Gwalior and Hansraj College , New Delhi before qualifying the IPS exam in 1989 and is presently the Director General of Police of Maharashtra. His daughter Mrs Bhavana Singh has done his schooling from All Saints College Nainital,Her degree from the top college of India The Lady Shriram College New Delhi and her Post Graduation from Hindu College again one of the best college of Delhi University. She has qualified the UPSC exam in 1993 and is a civil Servant as a Joint Secretary in MoD.
One of his son in laws has recently retired as a Brigadier from Indian Army while his second son in law an IRS officer of 1993 batch has taken premature retirement from his post of Income Tax Commissioner. So what better educated, well placed, successful and highly regarded family one can think of as far as our Chairman is concerned which will definitely be reflected in the performance of Srajan in the times to come.


Brig VK Singh, VSM (Retd)

Our newly appointed CEO has recently retired from Indian Army in the rank of Brigadier after an accomplished service of 37 years in uniform. He has outstanding educational qualifications in terms of M. Tech. from IIT New Delhi, Masters in Business Management from Osmania University, Higher Defence Management Course from College of Defence Management, Technical Staff Officers Course from Institute of Armament Technology Pune, Senior and Junior Command courses from College of Combat Mhow, Basic and Advance Radar and Missiles course from Military College Secunderabad and many others. The officer is highly decorated in terms one of the prestigious awards Vishist Sewa Medal awarded by President of India, Op Vijay Kargil star having taken active participation In the Kargil war, One Chief of Army Commendation Certificate and two Army Commanders Commendation Certificates which is quite a rare distinction for an officer of his rank and service.
The officer has already made a head start towards overhauling the complete functioning of Srajan and putting in Standard Operating Procedures and checks and balances for every aspect of College Governance after going in the minutest details. The most important change he has brought in is the introduction of combination of professional courses combined with the option of preparing for the competitive courses as a career option which he has named it as Mission Uniform. This novel concept will not only tackle the professional education in a different manner focussing on holistic development of a child combined with the development of his character, his values and his overall persona. Such a concept when executed in a sprawling campus which is lush green and boasts of all outdoor and indoor facilities is bound to bring a revolution in the education field in the region.